How can I print the walk booklet out?

The walk booklets are downloaded as a pdf file. You simply need to open the walk up using the most recent version of Adobe reader (go to and click on ‘download Adobe Reader’) and then go to “print”. The walks (except the Garden Treasures Hunt) are designed to be printed double sided, you may need to look up the instructions for double sided printing for your printer to do this. You can also just print single sided, and put the booklet together according to page number. While the booklet is in colour, you can print black and white without compromising the walk in any way, this will make it cheaper to print out.

To print double sided from any computer you need to follow these instructions:
1. Select the odd numbered pages (1,3,5) and print these.
2. Take the pages out of the printer, flip them over, and put them back in the printer so that you print on the blank side.
3. Print the even numbered pages (2,4,6)
4. You should now have successfully printed double sided and you can simply put your booklet together.

It pays to do the above with just one page to begin with, to make sure you are printing in the right direction.

What Australian cities do you have walks for?

Currently we are only in Melbourne. Express your interest in other cities by emailing us at

How many times can I print out the booklet?

You can print the booklet out up to 6 times, as you need for personal use only. You breach copyright if you print it out and give it to anyone else, or use it for large groups of people. If you would like to do a walk for larger groups (more than 6 people) please contact us with group numbers and we can look at special pricing.

How do I enter the competition, and what is the prize?

You need to provide your unique sales code and the answer to the puzzle to enter the competition – this is done on the “Enter Solution Key” page (bottom right hand corner). You need to select which walk you did, enter the answer and the unique reference code. All entries will go into a draw to win a $20 voucher for either Amazon (if you are outside Australia) or Coles/Myer (if you are in Australia).

The next draw for the Coles/Myer voucher will be the 15th July 2015. To be eligible to enter the competition you must enter your puzzle key, as well as your unique sales code.

Congratulations to Bronwyn Leary from Alexandra, Victoria, who won the Coles Myer voucher for the draw on the 17th July. We hope to see you again! Congratulations to Danielle Meijer who won the competition for the draw on 9th October. Congratulations to Melanie Page who has won the competition draw on 13 February! Bec Armistead from Sunbury, Victoria won the draw for the 15th April!

How many people can do the walk?

Up to 6 people can do the walks without having to pay anything more. This makes these walks perfect for families, and for small groups of friends!

What do I do if I can’t find the clue?

The clues are all found in the region shown on the map next to the clue number. If you really can’t find a clue you can contact us at

How difficult are the questions?

The questions are all tailored so they are suitable for all age groups, so are not too difficult. Most clues involve finding a monument or reading a plaque or something similar to find the answer. You will need to look around to find the answer, which is part of the fun as you really see the sights along the way and see your Australian city in a new way.

What age groups are these hunts suitable for?

These walks have been designed to be suitable for all age groups. Children of reading age and up can participate in the fun of finding the clues. Children younger than school age still may enjoy participating in the family fun, but may not be able to walk the 2-3 Km required for the walk, however all the walks are stroller accessible so they can be pushed around if their wee legs get tired. They are fantastic fun for family and friends!

How long do the walks take?

Each walk is designed to take approximately 2-3 hours without any breaks. However, as it is self-guided, you are in no hurry and can take as long as you like, especially if you have young children, or would like to stop along the way for coffee, lunch, to go shopping etc.

Are the walks suitable for wheelchairs and strollers?

All of our walks are suitable for wheels! Most walks have alternate routes mentioned if there are stairs so you can still participate in answering the clues if stairs are a problem.

Are the walks suitable for all weather conditions?

All of the walks do involve going outside. Some walks would be more challenging in very hot or wet weather, and this is mentioned in the individual walk information. Please contact us if you have any further questions.

How many people can do the walk?

Up to 6 people can do the walk without needing to purchase a second walk. However, for each payment you can only enter the competition once.

How will I know if I have completed the puzzle correctly?

When you enter the competition you will get a message as to whether you have got the right answer. Please contact us at if you have any problems completing the puzzle.

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