A Round the World Easter Egg Hunt

This is a Easter Egg Hunt with a twist! Using tools such as Google maps there are eight Easter themed clues to solve from around the world. Each answer is entered into a puzzle that when complete will give a single word clue as to the location in your house of an Easter Egg booty (you obviously have to hide it there). So this is a unique Easter Egg hunt for that someone special in your life. You hide the easter eggs in the secret location (scroll right down to the bottom to see where) and when your special person has completed the puzzle they will have this clue to where they will find their Easter eggs. You need to be able to read, write and use a computer to do this Easter Egg hunt around the world! The solutions are included as a separate file for download after your purchase.

Happy Easter!

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A clue example:
These days, for a lot of people, Easter is more a holiday
to spend time with family and friends, and eat chocolate!
The first chocolate Easter eggs appeared in Germany and
France in the early 1800's.

Use google to find out the German word for Easter.
There is a town called this in Germany – go there
with google maps and learn if it is in the south or
the north of Germany.

THE SOLUTION TO THE PUZZLE, and the clue to the location of Easter eggs is COUCH.

Please note: This hunt is not eligible to enter the Australian Treasure Walks competition as it is not a walk around Melbourne.

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Animal Hunt in the Fitzroy Gardens

This is a hunt for young children, around the ages of 3-6 years old. It is an animal hunt in the Fitzroy Gardens. There are lots of animals that belong in the Fitzroy Gardens, but one animal does not – your mission is to discover which one. You will follow the directions and map to the locations of the animals and solve the simple clues to discover which animals to cross off the puzzle. The last animal that is not crossed off is the one that does not belong! Visit such locations as the dolphin fountain, the fairies tree and the little village of tudor style villages. This hunt ends at the playground which has a dragon slide and giraffe swing!

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This hunt is only 1.3 Km long so is suitable for wee legs and short attention spans. The terrain is relatively flat so suitable for prams. It is a great place for children to run around in. There are a lot of trees in these gardens which provide a lot of shade on sunny days. Take along a picnic and make a great day of it!

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Magical Fitzroy Gardens Hunt

The Fitzroy gardens are one of the most beautiful gardens in Melbourne. On this walk you will visit such magical places as the Fairies tree, Dolphin Fountain and the beautiful Conservatory filled with flowers. Wander amongst the stunning trees while spotting the answers to your clues to learn one of the mysteries of these Gardens! This is a great hunt for all ages.

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The length of this walk is 1.7 Km and it will take about 2 hours to complete, so a good walk for all ages. It is mostly flat and suitable for prams. While it is quite out in the open, these gardens have a lot of large trees that supply a lot of shade on sunny days - and umbrellas are great for wet days! Take along a picnic if the weather is suitable and make it a wonderful day.

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Melbourne Lanes and Arcades Hunt

Melbourne is famous for it’s lanes and arcades. On this fun hunt you will be taken through some of Melbourne’s most famous and iconic lanes and arcades where you will discover some beautiful treasures as well as learn a little about the history of Melbourne. You will start at Flinders Street station and walk up past Bourke St, winding your way through some of the most interesting lanes and arcades in the Melbourne CBD. You will enter the answers to the clues into a crossword puzzle, which when complete you can use to discover the solution key!

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While this hunt is mostly outdoors, it offers a lot of shelter so is suitable for all types of weather, if you are dressed appropriately. It is quite flat and is about 2.5 Km long, and takes approximately 2-3 hours. There are plenty of wonderful options for lunch and other food breaks along the way that can stretch out your day to make this a very leisurely and pleasurable outing. You can either download this tour and print it out yourself, or select 'posted hard copy' and we will mail the booklet out to you.

Treasure Chest

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Mystery on Collins Street

An exquisite ring from a Jeweller on Collins Street has been stolen! Walk up along Collins Street and use your keen eyes to answer the clues and solve the mystery of who stole the ring, and where they are hiding out. Can you solve this mystery?

Collins Street is one of Melbourne’s most famous streets. As you walk up along Collins Street, admire the splendour of the 19th century buildings, and learn a little about the history of the magnificent architecture that is along this street.

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This walk is approximately 2 Km long and takes about 2 hours. It is suitable for strollers and wheelchairs. As this walk travels along Collins street where there is traffic, it is not advisable for children who like to run away! It starts at the corner of King Street and Collins Street and finishes at the opposite end of Collins Street. The mystery is fictional, and relatively simple so is suitable for all ages!

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